Wednesday, 29 October 2008


So I'm famous again this week. Page 7 gal and all. Hehe just a small article in our local paper about my trip to Wythenshawe, we didn't even know it was going to be in at all but I guess the more publicity the better. This evening some guy knocks at our door completely oblivious it seemed as to where he was and whose door he was actually knocking at. Mum answered “that girl, that was in the advertiser last week, do you know which house on this close she lives in?” Mum frowned a little “it’s this one why?” Long story short he is from a local charity called ‘Just Help Foundation’. I’ve looked at the website and it doesn’t seem like the sort of charity to help a cause like mine… The headline being ‘Fighting extreme poverty, saving lives’. But I guess with the charity being local, actually based in my town their making an exception? Who knows? I think going through something like this really restores your faith in ordinary people. We have raised so far almost £10,000 just in the last week doing local fund raisers.
I think also the publicity from my article in Closer magazine which came out yesterday has been a great help and I am very pleased with that. So thank you to Emily for sorting that out!
Now something that a couple of people have mentioned, what would happen to the money if either my time ran out or we had any left over (heres hoping on that one!)? I am more than happy to talk about this as people have been kind enough to donate so its only fair they know what will happen to their money. I have had a think about it and it would be near impossible obviously to give each donation back to each individual so instead I’ve decided I’d like it split between some charities. Willow Wood Hospice, the local hospice that has been looking after me since I deteriorated in August. I recently spent a month in the hospice for symptom control and I now attend their day hospice twice a week, most of the staff that work there are volunteers because like most hospices it is grossly under funded. The British Lung Foundation, the only charity in the UK that aims to cure all lung disease their motto being ‘One person in seven in the UK is affected by lung disease. We are here for every one of them’. Also I have recently had a wish granted by The Willow Foundation. I had a pamper weekend away in Centre Parcs (html'ed for my American readers ;-)). They are an adult wish foundation, granting seriously ill adults a wish. The world of adult medicine is pretty ruthless and having spent alot of time in ITUs, HDUs and recently Willow Wood I have seen (or heard) the blunt end of it. So this foundation deserves some recognition.
So I think that about sums this blog up.
Oh one last thing I started antibiotics on Saturday for a possible lung infection. And its a good thing I did as for a few days now I've had bad back pain. I mentioned this at day hospice on Tuesday and long story short I have a Kidney infection. I've been to see my chest consultant today and probably haven't got a lung infection (had my sats checked on 60% oxygen/12Litres and they were 92%, woohoo), its just further deterioration in my lungs but I need to stay on the antibiotics for the Kidney infection.

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