Friday, 17 October 2008

Closer mag

So I had my lovely visitors this afternoon and we had our giggles, can't quite remember at what (I've had alot of Diazepam and slept since then) but they were funny at the time I'm sure.

Wasn't so well this afternoon but all the staff could think to do was drug me up with Dizepam and put me on my ventilator and leave me to 'sleep it off'. With me, probably not the best option but there was no harm done.

Mum is, in desperation, for some money for my funds, bag packing tomorrow at a local Morrisons. I so feel for her, shes absolutely desperate to get me the money and get me to America. I may ask for some leave from the hospice and go show my face. In the mean time I have been thinking of other ways to pull on people's heart strings. Talking, at the moment is somewhat of a challenge for me so a video appeal maybe the way to go. I recorded something on my laptop and if I can work out how to upload it in the right format I will.

A Journalist from Closer magaazine is coming on Monday to take my story so shes been on the phone to me on and off all day asking about stations/times etc. I will be in Closer Magazine on Oct 28th!

I am going to go now before Jamie completely empties my cupboards (post transplant readers you'll understand me) seen as I don't have a fridge well its cupboards instead...



Emmie said...


*wiggles around doing a funky dance*

Oooh and its not just Scarlett from Emmerdale who sounds like you, Diana from X-Factor does too! xxx

Anonymous said...

You know, I normally hate magazines like Closer, but I think this one time I can make an acception, ya know, seein' as it's you :)

I'm so happy to hear you've not given up yet. I'm doing all I can from here and Pauline mentioned something about getting her colleagues involved in something to help you out. I did text you, but I'm not sure I have the right number? Couple of my friends have made donations (even from the US!)

Thinking about you,
Jen xxx

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