Sunday, 30 May 2010

new beginnings

On Friday (May 28th) I made it home! I've been through alot in the last 79 days but I know it's all going to be worth it. I won't lie it is hard being home, things I didn't even have to think about in hospital have suddenly become an issue. The fact that not all steps and seats are the same height threw me a bit. When I got home mum helped me out of the car and due to my excitement I forgot there was a drive to tackle, hills are not something I've properly taken on yet and drive feels like a steep one! And attempted to 'dash' into the house forgetting there was a rather large step and nearly toppled over, thankfully mum was behind me. First night home was a bit uncomfortable, stretching, bending, twisting and lifting litterally anything is still a little painful and I didn't sleep to well. Don't get me wrong I feel good but recovery is still in it's early stages, the fact that I can do all those things and still breathe at the sametime is still a novelty to me. I love thinking about the things I have planned, the things I'm thinking about planning and the fact that there's going to be many more to plan in the future. Hell the fact I actually have a future to think about now is amazing in itself.
Organ donation is a miracle, I'm living proof of that!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Onwards and upwards!

Hey guys, Pete Again

Rach has been doing fairly well, she said to me that she feels a little stronger yesterday so thats good  !

She said to tell you she is having to use overnight cpap as her lung seems to be a bit grumpy right now, and this may be long term while she strengthens her new shiny lungs, but she doesnt mind, its better than 24/7 !

She also said her team are fantastic, really looking after her and helping her along :-) I know from what she has been saying that her surgeon, Mr Yonan is also a great guy, funny, sarcastic and knows his stuff, which obviously makes things alot better for her ! He gives as good as he gets with our Rach too, which is a brave thing to do !

Thats about it, Il leave you with a pic she sent me this week :

Monday, 17 May 2010

Quick update from Pete

Hey all Pete again

Rach asked me to update you all as she has been SUPER busy recently with Meds and getting herself as good as she can.

She has had a rough time to say the least. Infections are the latest in her battle to recover, and she is currently fighting them off with a whole wave of nebulisers and IV antibiotics. But they are doing the trick slowly which is positive !

She had another Bronchoscopy today so she is understandably very tired now and fairly sore (So dont be surised if she doesnt update facebook for a few days) but hopefully all will have gone well with that and she will be ok after some rest.

She is also doing alot of physio to strengthen her lungs, another reason she is so tired, but this is a good thing as it means she is working hard at it !

And thats about it for now, she could do with some mendy thoughts still, so send them her way please :-)


Sunday, 2 May 2010

A quick hello from Rachy!

Hello bloggerland! It's me!
I thought I would write a quick entry to say thankyou for all your kind messages, cards, gifts, texts, emails, I have read every single one of them. You are too kind.

As Pete said I'm now out of the intensive care unit and settled nicely on the transplant unit. I know some of you have asked for the new address so here it is:

Jim Quick Ward (transplant unit)

Wythenshawe hospital
Southmoor Road

M23 9LT

Things are going great right now and I feel so much better. I'm working hard with the physios and getting stronger every day. I feel so very lucky to hav
e such a supportive team behind me and I owe them along with my kind donor family and donor my life. From what we have learned recently about my old lungs we know I really didn't have very long left and my call came just in time.

Before I sign off I have the press coming on Wednesday and the plans are I will be on both BBC and ITV news (regional) and also featured in the Manchester Evening News. Look out on facebook and twitter for times and for those outside the northwest sky channels. I'll leave you with a picture taken today.

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