Monday, 17 May 2010

Quick update from Pete

Hey all Pete again

Rach asked me to update you all as she has been SUPER busy recently with Meds and getting herself as good as she can.

She has had a rough time to say the least. Infections are the latest in her battle to recover, and she is currently fighting them off with a whole wave of nebulisers and IV antibiotics. But they are doing the trick slowly which is positive !

She had another Bronchoscopy today so she is understandably very tired now and fairly sore (So dont be surised if she doesnt update facebook for a few days) but hopefully all will have gone well with that and she will be ok after some rest.

She is also doing alot of physio to strengthen her lungs, another reason she is so tired, but this is a good thing as it means she is working hard at it !

And thats about it for now, she could do with some mendy thoughts still, so send them her way please :-)



Molly said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Pete. I'm keeping Rachy in my thoughts but am pleased to hear that things are slowly heading in the right direction.

Moll x x

Rachel said...

Thanks for the update. Rachy, sending prayers that you get though this and home soon. Even with the infections, I'm sure you are healing up and your body will become stronger each day. Soon this will all be in the past. :)

Lynne said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, we are always thinking of Rachy and wondering how each day is going.
Sending her oodles of good positive thoughts and hoping these pesky bugs will soon be kicked in the butt. Shes such a fighter, I'm sure things will be much brighter soon and she'll be back chatting to everyone.
Give her our love
Lynne and Kiri x x

Anonymous said...


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