Thursday, 20 May 2010

Onwards and upwards!

Hey guys, Pete Again

Rach has been doing fairly well, she said to me that she feels a little stronger yesterday so thats good  !

She said to tell you she is having to use overnight cpap as her lung seems to be a bit grumpy right now, and this may be long term while she strengthens her new shiny lungs, but she doesnt mind, its better than 24/7 !

She also said her team are fantastic, really looking after her and helping her along :-) I know from what she has been saying that her surgeon, Mr Yonan is also a great guy, funny, sarcastic and knows his stuff, which obviously makes things alot better for her ! He gives as good as he gets with our Rach too, which is a brave thing to do !

Thats about it, Il leave you with a pic she sent me this week :


Cough Of Death said...

love you miss rachy <3
keep going strong!

Gemma said...

still smiling :o)

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Hang in there Rachy, we are thinking of you.

loulou said...

You look fab hunny and so much colour in you now! Hope that pesky right lung expands soon for you and then there'll be no stopping you! Glad u have a super surgical team looking after u xxx Thanks for keeping us posted Pete!

Anonymous said...


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