Sunday, 2 May 2010

A quick hello from Rachy!

Hello bloggerland! It's me!
I thought I would write a quick entry to say thankyou for all your kind messages, cards, gifts, texts, emails, I have read every single one of them. You are too kind.

As Pete said I'm now out of the intensive care unit and settled nicely on the transplant unit. I know some of you have asked for the new address so here it is:

Jim Quick Ward (transplant unit)

Wythenshawe hospital
Southmoor Road

M23 9LT

Things are going great right now and I feel so much better. I'm working hard with the physios and getting stronger every day. I feel so very lucky to hav
e such a supportive team behind me and I owe them along with my kind donor family and donor my life. From what we have learned recently about my old lungs we know I really didn't have very long left and my call came just in time.

Before I sign off I have the press coming on Wednesday and the plans are I will be on both BBC and ITV news (regional) and also featured in the Manchester Evening News. Look out on facebook and twitter for times and for those outside the northwest sky channels. I'll leave you with a picture taken today.


Molly said...

Welcome back to bloggerland Rachy :D

Glad to hear that you're now out of ICU and making such great progress on the transplant unit.

Take care and keep up the great work :D

Moll x x

loulou said...

How amazing are u? I really empathised with your extended recovery but like me, you really were running seriously on borrowed time which means ur bod was so so weak that its inevitable it would take a bit longer to recover. You look radiant and ready to take on the world!! I am so pleased for you and hope the media attention will encourage folk to sign up!!! Its such an exciting journey ahead now 4u!!! Glad the physios are good and getting u fighting fit! Keep on rocking lady xxxxxxxx love to ur fam too!

Emily H said...

Honey, so good to see you posting yourself and looking so radiant! You are a superstar, and it's amazing that you are doing so much for awareness by having the press there during your recovery, but don't forget to focus on you primarily!

Can't wait to see you with my own eyes this afternoon!

Lots of love Em xxx

Tori said...

Yay Rachy welcome back!! xx

Bitter_Angel said...

Welcome back.
Its a huge step getting out of ICU and dont worry if your more tired than normal, it takes a while to get used to being able to do luxurious things (Like going to a proper flushing loo again)but I'm sure you will fly through it and be out in no time.

(Incidentally, the word verification for today is pride! And you should have that)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Gem said...

YAY!! Welcome back Rachy! You're looking amazing!! Keep up the good work! Xx

**Ricki** said...

Lookin' good babycakes!!

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