Friday, 8 May 2009

Update from Rachy's mum

Hello, don't worry Rachael is ok. She told me to come on here and update, she hasn't abandoned her blog completely but is taking a break at the moment. Her health is continuing on a slow decline which unfortunately we can't do anything about. Not much has happened recently with transplant, we still don't know which way things are going to go. We're still waiting to get the ok to get her listed be it in the UK or America. This waiting has affected all of us a great deal. If we had a definite answer we could deal with it either way but the not knowing is the worst thing. Rachael hasn't really been herself recently and I can see this has got to her alot. She's taking time out at the moment to find some head space, enjoy what she has and make the most of the things she can still do. Rachael hasn't had much support recently either, unfortunately you can only spend a limited amount of time at day hospice and her time there was up some time ago. Her local doctor sees her on an as needed basis, as her decline is a steady one there isn't really a point in seeing her unless the situation becomes acute i.e with infection and other wise her other support systems seem to have disappeared which hasn't helped.
We want to thank everyone that has donated and the people that continue to donate to Rachael's transplant fund. I hope to be able to update you soon with some positive news.
Lynne x
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