Monday, 20 October 2008

Jamie's First Rant

Ok so this blog has been up for a while and I know there has been a lot of posts from Rachael and I know this is about both of us the way we are as a couple and the way were both feeling about what Rachael is going through so I thought I better write something. I went to see Rachy at the weekend and she was having a really rough time infact so rough she could hardly even look at or talk to me about what was wrong with her apart from the obvious but one thing I did work out for myself she is seeing everything from a negative view instead of positive I'm trying so hard to make her smile and try to encourage her to stay positive but she keeps throwing it back in my face. All I know that is that I love her so much and I really want her to make it through this. She did however tell me about some arse who left a comment about her putting it on and to just 'get over it'. Well whoever you are you mysterious commenter I wouldn't wish right now what Rachael is going through even on you (though you probably deserve it).


Joanned said...

Hi Jamie, I can imagine your pain when you hear such horrible things about Rachael. Please don't sink to there level, try to keep Rachael's site full of hope and love. The more you high light these negative words the more people will want to leave more. You will be giving them what they want and turning this whole thing into them not Rachael. These are words from some one who deeply cares. I will not give up hope, I feel good things will come.

mandymouse13 said...

Hi Jamie
I don't understand why people can be that heartless but ignore them!! They are jealous so how patheitic are they, positive things are going on and some just try and throw a spanner in the works! They obviously don't have the love of everyone around them that you both do, they will never be loved the way that you love eachother so pity them! Will keep you both in my prayers and left a message on Rachaels wall, keep strong and a bit of anger is good as it gives you more fight! lots of love Mandy xx

Lorraine said...

Ignorant sods are not worth commenting on - just delete their comment and don't give them the satisfaction of thinking they have wound you up - I know it hurts, terribly, but that's all they want to do to you.
I wish with all my heart that Rachael gets that chance - she deserves it. And I'm glad I introduced you to her - she needed someone like you and visa versa. Keep on being there for her - you are both very special. xxx

Lisa_Alpha1ZZ said...

Hi Jamie,
You hang in there and keep Racheals sprits lifted as much as possible. God is watching over her and he is also watching over the idiots that post such hurtful stuff. I am praying so hard for her and I hope she gets over here soon for her new lungs.
May God Be With You Both!
~Smiles Lisa~

Anonymous said...

Despite knowing Rach can see this too, I'm gunna say it anyways.

Jamie, there's a special gift coming for Rachael. I don't know how long it will take, couple weeks maybe, but I'm hoping it will bring her hope. We're all thinking of her, and I'm constantly trying to think of a local fundraiser I can do to help. I think I may have thought of something, but I need to speak to some people first.

Hold on, both of you.

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