Saturday, 25 October 2008

From Jamie

When i met Rachael i knew what i was getting myself into cause iv'e been through near enough the same thing with the pulmonary hypertension but never realised how hard it is on the other side of it, what i mean is when i was waiting for my heart and double lung transplant i was the only one who wasn't worried i had the attitude that if i die i die i'm not gonna know about it so i will not let it bother me and just let my family do all the worrying for me and try and live my life as best as i could. Well now i know what they went through cause the thought of losing a loved one is unbearable for anyone and i'm worried sick thinking about Rachael 24/7. It's weird cause when i'm not with her i'm worried about her and when i'm with her i'm worried about her. I try really hard not to let it show what i'm feeling when i'm with her cause lets face it i'm not good showing my feelings never have been and probably never will be although rachy is the first girl who has made me cry (thanx Rach :-)). I guess what i'm trying to say is that i believe our lives are set in a certain way and challenges are sent to test us and the thing is we can beat them if we don't let them get us down and just try and live our lives as best as we can and the most important thing for me was STAYING POSITIVE. Iv'e done it and Rachael WILL beat this illness and get her transplant cause she is a fighter she was ill 6 years before i met her and now she just needs to stay positive which i know is really hard to do but you know the saying "what goes around comes aound".. Stay positive.

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