Friday, 17 October 2008


So in this blog I feel the need to set a few things straight. Some not so very nice comments have been left on the main guest book on our website.I am not going on Granada Reports (local new station) tonight because out of 'courtesy' the local transplant centre after refusing to even give me a primary appointment have decided they could just about manage one and have given me one for the 24th of this month. I will be attending (even though I would just like to tell them where to stick their appointment) to find out exactly what 'criteria' it is I don't meet.

After a discharge meeting at the hospice yesterday, social services, after us asking until we were blue in the face if mum could be my carer agreed she could be under 'special circumstances'. Usually a family member that lives under the same roof under the care package I have cannot be the primary carer but they have decided to allow this in my 'special' case.

So I am looking at discharge on the 22nd. Will be going to day hospice twice a week opposed to the usual once a week so I have day hospice on the 23rd then transplant appointment on 24th. My primary consultant is aware and has agreed if I can't cope he will sort me out a bed in hospital, something we really want to avoid but bottom line is my lungs are just not good enough for me to be at home. It doesn't matter how many carers and how much help they will give us if I'm not well enough I'm just not well enough.

Anyway back to the reason for this post. I don't know who you are and which one of us that "I know someone who works at the hospital and has looked after you and theres nothing wrong with you, so get over it" comment in our guest book was aimed at, I can only guess me due to my recent press coverage but seriously if you can be that pathetic and think a comment like that in our guestbook is going to make a difference, well, how stupid are you?...

More later when I'm in a better mood at the moment I have lovely visitors I must get back to :-)


Mad Asthmatic said...

I am appalled and disgusted by whoever left that message. They are obviously a very pathetic sad person. Ignore them Rach and keep fighting hun, we will get the money to get you to the states - you have so many people behind you who will doing anything they can to help get you that transplant.

Take care at home, I hope you can manage and don't have to go in to hospital. chin up chick.

love and hugs

Emmie said...

Don't take any notice of whichever idiot it was sweetness, but it must have upset you so much! One of the things you've had to do every step of your life over the last few years is FIGHT and its been so hard for you but its made you so strong that I know you won't let these stupid comments get to you. I don't know why everyone has to make things so hard for you, you've had so many difficulties but you're still here and you're still fighting and if anyone can get to the USA and get those new lungs then you can! HUGE hugs from me, Brad and Daisy xxxxx

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