Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A desperate plea

I was going to blog tonight about how horrible I have felt most of the day and the local newspaper coming to take my story, then Katie, my best friend sent me something she had been working on whilst in hospital so I'll leave this blog to her:

Over 20 different medications, nebulisers, inhalers and other numerous aggressive treatments, 24hr oxygen, and non-invasive ventilation, is a scary prospect for anyone let alone a young 20 year old girl. This is the norm in the life of Rachael Wakefield, battling to keep herself breathing, living and enough oxygen in her body. This was her (pictured) only a few months ago, enjoying life as best as she could, not letting things get in her way. But over the last few months things have got much worse for Rachael very quickly, and very dramatically.

My best friend Rachael Wakefield has a rare interstitial lung disease that has unfortunately left her so unwell that she desperately needs a lung transplant in order to continue living. Over the years her lung disease has progressively got worse and her lung function is now less than 15% of what it should be. This is not a great for anyone, let alone a young 20 year old woman who has her whole life in front of her. She has battled for many years doing everything that she can to try and improve her condition; in the mean time she has raised the awareness for others with rare lung conditions. Providing families with a friendly understanding ear, sympathy and often much needed advice. Her latest mile stone is setting up a website; www.breathingislife.com, which is helping to further share the stories of sufferers and explain to others the trials and tribulations of living with a rare lung disease.

Unfortunately all medical treatments available for the treatment of her lung disease have been tried and regrettably have not worked, the only way for her to continue living is through this much needed lung transplant. Sadly, all options within the UK have been exhausted and there is nothing left for the doctors to even suggest except being able to refer her for receive this lifesaving treatment, a lung transplant, in America. In order for her to get to America to receive this much needed transplant she needs to raise as much money as possible. This is where YOU can help...

Therefore I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to donate money or anything you can to this special person so that she can get the treatment she desperately needs. She is my best friend, and watching her deteriorate so quickly over the last few months has broken my heart. I can’t stand by see her struggle to live anymore knowing that there is a hope of dramatically changing her life, through this transplant. Unfortunately I, her family and friends can not cover the costs for this treatment, and I find it heart wrenching to think that it is only money that will stop her from dying and save her life.

Please visit www.breathingislife.com to donate and also for further information on this unique and truly special girl who deserves a chance at life.

Many Thanks from a desperate best friend,

Katie Mason

I think that pretty much sums up this blog


P.S Happy Birthday Katie x

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Mad Asthmatic said...

Katie's words sum up what everyone who knows you feel. I am praying and praying that you are able to get the money. Keep fighting Rachel. miracles do happen.

love and hugs


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