Monday, 13 October 2008

Rachaels future hope...

I (we) felt as a first post we should do some what of an introduction but I think our profile pretty much describes who we are and why we started this blog. So that really isn't needed... I don't think. Today has been a some what interesting day at willow wood (the hospice Rachael has been living in for the past 3wks). Hospices despite the work they do receive so little government funding it is unbelievable. The care they provide for their patients both in and out is truly outstanding. They have said today that they feel they have done all they can for Rachael and need to think about getting her home so other patients can come in to the hospice. Rachael, unsurprisingly is disappointed with this, still feeling unwell and nervous at the prospect of home morphine she has managed to convince herself coping at home is going to be absolutely impossible and has already started making arrangements to go into hospital. Hospital is not a good place for her to be at this stage, the risk of her picking up infection in hospital is... well... HUGE. But none of us really have a choice in the matter and she will be going home on Wednesday... probably. We're trying to persuade the hospice to keep her in, it's only going to be a matter of weeks until we can get her to the USA for her transplant the thing with this is Rachael and her mum are not happy for her to go home so if the hospice make Rachael go she will be going straight into hospital which as we said puts her at a BIG risk of getting an infection and Rachael is in the position now where if she gets an infection its gonna put the transplant in America in real danger and potentially kill her so we feel the hospice is making a massive mistake in kicking her out. But it could and probably is going to be out of our hands.

Anyway for now we'll leave you with her appeal poster.

Rachael & Jamie

You can donate to help us get Rachael to America HERE

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