Sunday, 19 October 2008

One last plea...

Not that I'm begging or anything but please, please help me get to America.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, I hadn't been on myspace so hadn;t checked your page and didnt know you had gone downhill, im sorry to hear it.

I also read about your paypal issue (it drives me mad that paypal and justgiving take such a big % of all donations). Everyclick how ever dont take any fee if people donate via it, and you don't have to be a charity to register for a page. The money does take a couple of weeks to come through though but might be able to be speeded up. I dont know if its of any help.

Take care and I hope the money comes flooding in

love vikki

Anonymous said...

oh god rachy!!!!!
we will get your lungs!
just don't give up!


Joanned said...

Dear Rachael, My name is Joanne and I want to help you. I have been able to get Reycroft hall for free of charge for 5 hours on Sat 15th Nov. Me and my friends from oldham Reiki Network are going to hold a Reiki Healing session with all money going to you. I have left my phone number with willow wood staff. I am going to have to make poster's and so on. Could I cut and paste from your blog please. I am also going to need the support from your mum, if ok.

All my deepest love Joanne.

p.s If you want me and my friends to come and give you and your family Reiki healing please feel free to ask.xxxxx

Kayjay said...
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Kayjay said...

I'm donating ASAP, Rachael, & I've added you on Myspace as well (where I'm reposting this video in bulletins). I also made a flyer up for download here if anybody wants it:

Hang in there!

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