Thursday, 6 November 2008

quick update

Well I think my picture speaks for itself but believe me when I say it has not been an easy week. Long story short I will be going to London for a lung transplant assessment, so theres a possibility I could get on the UK list but that leaves me wondering is it actually worth the risk? Do I have the time to wait in the UK? Can I afford to risk waiting upto 4yrs? Lots of things to think about there plus the journey is 210miles each way which isn't going to suit me so well but I know I have to keep my options open and so I probably will be going. I have a cardiac work up (whatever that means) at my local hospital planned for next week then I will be in London within the month if I decide to go. I was at the hospice today, wasn't a good or easy day, I have fluid on one of my lungs possibly cardiac related, I saw the physios and picked up some tips which I'm hoping will be helpful. Haven't seen Jamie due to the infections I've had recently he's had to stay away, I had a flu jab on Monday too which upset things even more I have been sniffly, clammy and headachy all week. So anyway I will do a longer blog soon and explain why I have ended up going back to London.



Emma said...

Thinking of you so much. Stay strong and positive like you always are.

Take care, love always

Emma x

Alice said...

Thinking of you and praying for you!

Christy said...

I'm praying that things go well in London and aren't too tiring for you. I wish there were an easier way. Hang in there girl. You amaze me with your strength.

Sarah-Leonie said...

Hey Rach,

Thinking of you so much, your so strong I dont know how you do it

All my hope and love
Sarah xx

Tinypoppet said...


savillerow14 said...

Rachel I have been through this . I was a non resident who went to the US for a TX . DOuble lung 14 years ago . I know how it works , the program , the results , best hospitals , most affordable etc etc . Go for it . If you have any questions e mail me . I do not read blogs or talk to people this is the first time I ever have .
so hit me up I can be of help .
Neil :

Lynne said...

Thinking of you everyday Rachy, be strong.
with love and hugs as always
Lynne and Kiri xxx

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