Friday, 12 August 2011

That's life

Sometimes I need this space to say things, to just say them, to who I don't care, I don't really care who's reading this blog and who gives a damn. It's my life and I'm going to live it the best way I know how because I can. And now at this moment in time I feel the need to say whats on my mind so I'm going to. I'm sick of the judgement and hate the mind games, if you think you can live my life any better than me then I'd love to see you try. The last few weeks have been tough to say the least. I can't wait for this month to be over and it's only mid month. I dunno I just don't feel like life is enough at the moment. Like life itself is not enough to keep me alive and that's a scary thought. Every day I wake up and I'm one day closer to dying. But isn't everybody? Of course they are! Because that's life and it's beautiful and magic and tragic and that's why I love it...
Health update to follow sometime in the week

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Sarah Milne said...


Jojam said...

You are an inspiration to many, really don't think any one should be judgmental or play mind games.
hope your pain is now under control.

It is good you can get your thought out on here. Missed blog when it turned to private.

Thinking of you xxx

Mark W said...

People are listening and I am glad you can tell us how things are. I give a damn about you and I can understand why you are scared. I so respect how you deal with your life and hope your month ends better than it started
All the best :)

Kahriss said...

I've been following your blog for a while but this is my first comment. I don't know how anyone could possibly be judgemental, you've been through so much (still going through it) yet you still take the time to inspire others and promote organ donation.

I'm glad you can say what you truly feel on here and trust me there are people listening who do care.
Thinking of you and sending you so many good wishes

Karen xx

Wendy said...

You're such an inspiration Rach and anyone who would judge you for that is just wrong. No one has the right to criticise you for anything. You tell it how it is and you fight because you are a strong person, never change that for anyone.

Thinking of you xxx

Selwyn said...

With all the cr@p in the world at the moment, your story is one of the only ones I really look forward to getting an update on. Not because of the sh!t that has been thrown your way, but by the truly wonderful way you have, and are, dealing with it. You have every right to have a moan once in a while, and if anyone doesn't like the way you report on your life in an open-hearted way - TOUGH. Keep doing what you are doing, and I truly hope it is for many years to come.

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