Sunday, 24 July 2011

Quick update

So I'm working on a longer, more indepth blog for on here but for now I thought I'd just post a little update. I've been out of hospital about 2wks now, good going for me. It hasn't been without it's troubles though. We're working on my pain management at the moment, I've been in alot of pain. I don't like talking about pain it's so exhausting and disabling. When I came out of hospital previously we would go on shopping trips to cheer me up. I can't even imagine doing that now. When your in pain everything takes that bit longer. Everything takes me that bit longer anyway because I'm out of breath! The pain has been creeping up on me slowly, I didn't think much of it, I was just having a bit of extra oramorph here and there so it's so devastating to have pain that we're now struggling to control. Except for the recovery period post transplant and even pre transplant I never had any trouble with pain. I'm reasurred by my hospice doctor and my mcmillan nurse though that I'm on teen tiny doses of everything, there's plenty of scope to go up on doseages and even a possibilty of admission to the hospice for symptom management to allow us to get this right. I'm not worried the pain has already started to improve so we know I'm on the right drugs it's just about getting the dose right.
I think I'm going to leave it there, keep your eyes peeled for a blog facelift!

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Colleen said...

I'm praying for you, Racheal. I hope your pain can be well controlled so you'll be able to do the little things that mean the most to you. (((hugs)))

Bitter_Angel said...
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Katy Savage said...

hey Rachy ive been into the dougie mac for pain managment about 4 times now they took awhile to get my doeses right and lots of different meds but they are lovely and they get you there take care k

Hope said...

Hi Rachel, I have followed your blog from sometime but I don't know that I've left a comment ~ sorry. You are an inspiring young woman and it's so sad to hear the amount of pain you are in. Your in my thoughts darling even though I know it can't do much but I pray that you will get a break from this pain and be able to do those things you enjoyed such as a girlie shop. Much love, Hope. xxx

Sammy said...

Heey Rachy

I will wish you so much air and i hope your pain will be controlled!

Greats from the netherlands!


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