Monday, 4 July 2011


So I guess you could say my blogs turn up like buses.
Anyway another weekend in Wakefield world of course it can't be straight forward.
As usual if I'd have gone with my gut instinct earlier in the week or should I say mum's gut instinct I might not be typing this now. All week I've said to mum "something is wrong, I can't pin point it, it's nothing in particular its just something!" My nausea doesn't just flare for no reason usually, but it's the first thing that does when something is wrong. Mum's offered to call the ward on more than one occasion and I've said no because it's nothing in particular. My nausea has been so bad tolerating even water has been difficult, I was cold yet my cheeks were flushed with no temperature, I was generally weak and exhausted. People were having conversations with me and my eyes were just closing from exhaustion. I've been naughty really because I have been pretty unwell but I was enjoying being at home so much and I was being closely monitored. We can't do our own bloods weren't to know anything was wrong.
Anyway my swelling in my ankles, both of them, has been bad, along with swelling in my knees and face, basically my weight was up and I was carrying alot of extra fluid. Mum phoned transplant outpatients to see if I could be seen in Tuesday morning clinic. The clinic was already over booked and it wasn't possible but my doctor wanted me to go to A&E and have a doppler scan. As soon as mum got off the phone and explained the situation I flipped. There wasn't a chance I was spending the day in A&E for a doppler to rule out a blood clot, on which part of my body I wasn't sure because I was swollen from fluid all over! I'm not saying for a second I know better than a doctor but I do know my own body and I knew I didn't have a blood clot. Nope, I had other plans that day, I went out and got my hair done and it did me the world of good :-)

As mentioned in my previous blog I went to the hospice on Friday. On Saturday I was asked to go to the ward to have blood taken. So we slowly got me ready on Saturday and made our way to the ward, I had my bloods drawn from my port and we left again. On Saturday afternoon we got a call from the ward sister, she'd spoken to the on call doctor I needed to go back to the ward for an IV Magnesium infusion. Gutted, I instructed mum to grab a few things and we left after my district nurse had changed my Nozinan infusion. I knew the IV Magnesium infusion wouldn't just be two hours long, I knew I'd be staying in so we packed some Pjs too. Sure enough I stayed and that's where things are upto at the moment. I was very dehydrated on admission and I'm still on IV fluids now but my magnesium was corrected with the infusion and I'm hoping to get home today, provided my potassium (for those that are interested it dropped to 2.4, new record for me) has picked up also, Fingers crossed.

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Location:Wythenshawe Hospital, Southmoor Road, Manchester


Rachel said...

I wanted to say thank you for posting an update. I started following your blog about 6 months before your transplant and I think about you often. While I have always believed in organ donation I have been afraid to officially sign up. After learning so much more through you and your other friends I have organ donor proudly displayed on my license (I'm in the USA). I hope you made it home again and are doing ok :)

Paul G said...

Just thought I'd say thankyou for letting people like myself read about your experiences.
I've had a heart condition for many years now and even though it has been life threatening at times for the most part I've been able to lead a relatively normal life, I'm ashamed to say I never truly appreciated that enough.
My problems have been getting worse lately and this week I'll see a specialist at Wythenshawe to discuss surgery amongst other options.
Being an organ donor was a no brainer for my brother and myself, we were brought up not to waste anything and potentially wasting something that could mean so much to someone else just doesn't bear thinking about. Whilst i can't sign up twice I will talk to my friends, I suspect many of them aren't donors purely because they haven't thought about it.
You are an inspiration to many people, myself included.
I wish you all the very best for the future from the very bottom of my heart.

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