Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hi it's Holly here, I have been to visit Rachy tonight and she's kindly asked me to update you guys via her blog.
She is poorly but stable at the minute - she is on Bi-Pap (non-invasive ventilator) 24hours a day. Doctors are currently working and focusing on pain management above everything else at the moment.

Although low in spirits she still had that beautiful smile on her face :) We even managed a little giggle about Rachy "passing wind". Due to the Bi-Pap pushing air into her lungs, some still manages to pass into her stomach, leaving her bloated and uncomfortable. Whilst I was there the nurse released the wind through a syringe (via her PEG), and we were giggling about her passing wind in a very lady like manner.

She appreciates all the messages, support and love that has been shown to her at this difficult time.

I will be sure to update you when I can, I am hoping to visit again on Wednesday evening.

Love you always Rachy.

Holly x


lulu said...

I am hoping the dox have you feeling more comfy on the pain side? Holly my lovely, thanks so much for keeping us all updated. Rachael you've touched so many hearts and I just wish u well. You're amazing!! xxxx

Ducky said...

thank you for the update Holly!
sending my love to you, Rachy & family!!

*big hugs*

Bitter_Angel said...

Sending all my thoughts.
You can pull through this, just as strong as you have pulled through everything so far.
Sending healing vibes.

Mark W said...

Hope things improve for you regarding the pain management Sending lots of healing and positive thoughts for your improvement.
I hope that we will soon hear more from you when you are well enough:-) Thank you Holly for keeping us updated.
All the best Rachy X

Jojam said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Rachael, hope the doctors can make you more comfortable soon. You have been such an inspiration to many, stay

Thank you Holly for the update.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, sending love and positive vibes to Rach , you can get through this too !!

Hugs :))

Wendy said...

I check back every day to see if theres any news. Thanks Holly for updating and I really hope they can help you Rachael. You are so strong and sweet, I hope you can get past this.


Fiona said...

Sending my love and would also love to hear some news.

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