Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hmm well my aim of being in and out within a few days? That went a bit pear shaped! I'm still here. Quite alot has had actually. My 'small Pneumothorax (lung collapse)' I mentioned in my previous post decided to get a little bit bigger as a result it was decided I needed a chest drain. I guess I should have seen it coming really but I just believed the right lung had done with its dramatic behaviour and would just reinflate. Wishful thinking. So for the past week I've had the privilege of lugging round what is basically a bucket attached to my chest. Not so much fun. And at times pretty painful.
My veins have well and truly given in, access is near impossible luckily one of the transplant doctors managed to get an IV in half way and rescued it by threading in a long line up it which I'm clinging onto for dear life! I'm hopefully getting a port put in at some point though which will make life easier.
Most of my transplant drugs have been changed to alternatives so I'm now adjusting to those changes they haven't been easy on me and I've had alot of sickness whilst the team get the levels right. I have a bronchoscopy and biopsy scheduled for Friday, I'm hoping this one will go ahead and give us some answers. I think that's it for now.


Mark W said...

Hi Rachael,
Sorry to hear about the increased pneumothorax I know how you must be feeling, it is not fun with a chest drain in.I have had four fitted in past and had last one in for while.I really hope the lung recovers quickly, and that the biopsy and bronchoscopy will offer positive options for your care.I am thinking of you and hoping that you will soon be blogging at home again.I wish you all the best I can hope you can quickly improve.
best wishes

Molly said...

Hugs Rachel. I hope things look a bit brighter for you soon. Thinking of you.

Moll x x

loulou said...

poor button..seems such an uphill struggle I just hope these new drugs give your bod a boost!! The dramatic med change is a HUGE deal and took my body months to adjust, side effects were umm unpleasant but it should settle. Its all go for you right now and your mind is just wanting to get on with the show right? Showtime is coming babe and u can get all your bling on and show everyone how you shimmy!! Can't wait!! Love ya xxx

Cough Of Death said...
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