Friday, 3 September 2010

Back in

Well I've been feeling a bit crappy for a couple of weeks. I started to notice a gradual dip in my exercise tollerance, an increase in breathlessness and lack of appetitte plus my cheeks were constantly glowing! Related or not I don't know!
I had a CT scan last week and I'm quite glad it came along on a day I was feeling really quite bad as it reflected how I was feeling in the following clinic appointment when I got the results. It showed I had a small pneumothorax (collapsed lung) in my pesky right lung, it seems to be the mischievous one! And 'scraggy' white patches which looked like inflammation over both lungs. My consultant said he'd seen alot of this before and although there was more than he'd have liked to seen he wasn't too worried but did want to get to the bottom of what they were, for sure, asap. A bronchoscopy and biopsy were planned for the following Thursday, just 2 days later. Wednesday saw me lounging in pjs all day with no energy or breath to do anything, I was back on oxygen and I couldn't even stand up long enough at the sink to wash. I had a few teary moments, out of frustration, feeling helpless and the worry that this is just how things were going to be, that this was it. Everything was an effort and poor mum was waiting on me hand and foot, I felt so guilty. I turned up for the biopsy yesterday and my consultant (different one to Tuesday) was weary. I admit I was worried about how I'd cope with the bronchoscopy as I was feeling really quite bad but I wanted it done so they could get to the bottom of it and I could get back to feeling better. After a chat and a check of my oxygen levels it was decided I wasn't well enough and it was cancelled. They sorted a bed out on the ward and I was sent up. I'm being treated for a bout of rejection, my second bout now (I had a bout during recent pneumonia) so they're looking at changing around my antirejection medication to prevent further bouts. Rejection is common during the first year of transplant, its takes a while for you to adjust to the treatment. But I find it so worrying, rejection brings back all the memories of my old lungs and my struggles I had with them, the struggles I don't want to be reminded of.
Anyway now the treatment has started I'm already starting to feel a bit brighter and hoping not to be in too long.


Molly said...

I hope the medication changes help and you're soon feeling better. Hugs.

Take care,
Moll x x

Aspiemom said...

This was a good, informative post. I'm so sorry you haven't been doing well and that you are back in the slammer. TRY not to worry - I know it's hard - and we'll pray the medication makes a big difference and you're feeling much better soon.

When you get bored in there, talk to us!

loulou said...

U have some super strength in you girly...hopefully the tough slog will come to an end soon and bright beautiful happenings are awaiting! xxx

KSD said...

Thinking of you Rachy. Hope this bout of rejection can be beaten, and that the meds sort out can make things better long term. Let me know if there's anything that I can do, or if you want to chat online at any time... X

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Sorry to hear about this set back. I hope for a speedy turn around and that you start feeling better soon. Wishing you all the best.

Brenda said...

Hang in there. As you know, rejection is normal and expected. Once they get the medications sorted out, you should be fine. You've come a long way and you're strong enough to come out of this. You're just hitting several bumps along the road to what is going to be a bright and happy future.
I'll continue praying for you from California.

Take care,

ekia said...

i am sorry
but i pray for you .
i hope you start feeling better.

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