Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Shock and Awe (She got the call..)

**10.00 AM 10/03/2010**

Hey all

Its Pete blogging here on behalf of Rachy

Just an update (Huge understatement) and what could be the biggest update in the history of this blog :-D

Rachy just got her call !!

She is currently sitting in hospital, gown on and drugs down, waiting to hear if the assessement of her potential lungs from the donor are good and if they are, they can be sent her way !

All hinges on how the lungs of the donor are at the moment, so PLEASE keep everything crossed and I will update the second I get any more info at ALL (Il be updatin this post with edits so please bookmark this and keep checking back today!)

Heres a pic of our Rachy taken about an hour ago for you to enjoy !

*****UPDATE AT 17.00*****

She is on way to theatre now, its a go !

****UPDATE 18.30****

Rach is now in theatre, under anaesthic and its all systems go. Will be many hours, Probably tommorow before any more updates recieved so please keep her in your thoughts as she goes through it tonight :-)

Her mum has added, please try not to send any messages to her phone as it is full to bursting already ! Stick to FB etc, but keep in mind she will not be able to reply in any way and all updates will appear here. :-) . Well done Rach XxX

***** UPDATE 4AM *****

Pleased to say that Rachy is now out of Theatre, Docs are happy it went well and she is now in ITU. Her Mum says she did have a seizure before she went in, but id like to stress that they are pretty common for people going under so its nothing to worry about :-)

Now begins her recovery process of course, she still has a long way to go and it will in no way be plain sailing from here on in, but all things so far looking positive !

Well done Rachy, we are all with you while you recover, and look forward to hearing from you yourself soon !

**Photo Update 14.30 11/03**

No other news to report, but a photo from Rachys Mum was sent to me a while ago, so here it is (with her permission) Also Northwest News will be featuring the latest on Rachael at half 6 tonight :-)

****Update 12th March 2010****

Morning all. Todays update so far is Rach Opened her eyes for a little bit earlier, gave a thumbs up to her mum and went back to sleep again :-) along with the update is the below picture (As always, with Rachaels mums permission)

Rachy just waking up

***UPDATE 12th March 2010 12.30***

Rach is now off Ventilator :-D Photo to follow later in the day :-D

Rachy off Ventilator

**Message from Rachaels Mum**

She says thank you all so much for the messages, and she is happy for you to keep sending them, BUT, obviously because of the sheer volume she may not reply to them all :-) but thank you again from her :-)

For all those asking where to send Rachael cards etc ! Address is:

Wythenshaw hospital
Southmoor Road
M23 9LT


****UPDATE 18.00 12th March 2010****

Rachy has had a few set backs in the last few hours. Her Oxygen SATS have dropped to 90 as her lungs arent co operating as much as they would like them too. She was taken off of the epidural because it was making her lungs *tired*, basically.

Since then, she has had to go back on the ventilator as they have found that her lungs are full of fluid and they need to decide what to do next.

Rachys mum says to let you all know she cant txt everyone with updates or txt back much at the moment.

Id like to point out that setbacks this close to a transplant are fairly common and it in no way means the worse (As I should have pointed out when I updated earlier)
Everyone has set backs, and Rach will pull through this one :-)

Rach does however, need Positive thoughts more so now than she did earlier today, so please send them that way, and il update as soon as I know more.

**Just a note from Kiz** 20.00 13th March 2010**

Just a note to say that Rach is currently sedated and still on her vent, and will probably stay that way over the weekend at least, so she can bond with and get to know her *New friends* Better.

During this time I wont be updating unless anything happens that you need to know about :-)

****No real updates at this time :-) 10.00am 17/3/2010****

Just to let everyone know, there's been no real changes in Rach. She is still on vent, Docs are still happy with her and she is stable. She opened her eyes for a few minutes on Monday, but other than that, all quiet. Id like to say, that if its not in this blog, then there will be no more news to be updated, and I promise you, it will go on this blog within hours of me being told, always :-)


****LARGE Update 16.00 17th March****

Rach has been awake and communicating today, asking questions and managed a smile too ! First Proper day she has managed this since the Tx, so, yay !

****Update 19th March 2010 19.00*****

Another good day for our beautiful Rachy ! Docs are VERY happy with her indeed.
She is still on Vent and Trach but vent has been turned down (Which means she is less dependant on it now than she was) which is fan-TASTIC :-D hehe !
She also managed a brief Twitter update saying :

"Has the most amazing friends, support and doctors, recovering well from my double lung transplant"

Which is the first tweet since 10th March from her :-D

Heres a picture of her holding a card from Sarah Brown of No.10 , with her trademark smile of course !!

**Sat 20th March 2010**

No real Update, she has slept most of the day and gifts are starting to trickle in (along with alot of cards obviously !) Please remember not to send flowers if you are thinking of sending a gift of any kind as they can pose a risk to Lung patients because of the bugs the soil can contain :-)

Thats about it !

**Good Update, Sunday 21st March 2010**

Rachy managed half an hour breathing on her own today, which is clearly fan-TASTIC ! Also Managed to eat an Ice lolly, and even managed a txt to me! Still a long way to go, but she is clearly getting there, so well done Rach ! Litrally could not be happier for her :-D

Rachy with her first Post Transplant Meal !

Rachys first Post Transplant Meal !

***Update 23rd march 2010***

Rachy managed 90 minutes today breathing un aided (other than 02) and, I quote, she *Found it a breeze!* hehe ! Even did some marching on the spot today, *YAY lungs* she says ! Needed a bit of physio too but thats nothing really is it ! Heres a pic of her, finnaly in her OWN nighty which she is very pleased about ! Enjoy !

Nearly 2 weeks later

**Small update 24/3/2010**

Rach Managed 2hours on just 02 and her Trach yesterday. Doing SO amazingly well, everyone is pleased with her ! Not much else to update other than she seems happy at the moment, and loves all the cards and balloons you have all been sending (she does LOVE balloons hehe!)

And a photo of her first walk since Tx !

Rachy taking her first steps after Transplant !

**Photo update 26/3/2010**

Another Pic of Rach, looking AMAZING ! You can also see the top of her brand new scar here :-D

Rachy Looking amazing

And another pic here...

Rachy with Hollys present !

**Small update 29th March**

Not much to report, but people are asking so here we go !

Rach is still slowly improving, and Doctors are still happy with her. She is still getting tired a fair bit but thats completely expected, she has after all got brand new lungs :-D

Really not much more to say, will update when she starts showing more improvement, as for now she just needs a bit of rest, its been a busy 2 weeks !!!

**Update 30th March 2010**

Just a note to say Rach is doing well, has had a fairly good day today. Fingers crossed that they will keep reducing the need for the trach and vent (which they have been doing today) and hopefully by the end of the week (maybe) they can change the valce in the trach so she can SPEAK again. Can u imagine that, Rach not speaking for nearly 3 weeks?! She is gonna have alot to say.....Love ya Rachy XxX

**HUGE update 2nd April 2010**

This is a message from Rachaels mum which she posted on FaceBook 20 minutes ago. She says it best so May as well go with it!

"What a fantastic easter friday, Rach came off the ventilator today and is breathing on her own, with just a little bit of oxygen, WOW, still on the trachy but that should soon be out in a couple of days. She just wants to talk now but can't at the mo, shes still on intensive care, YAY xx"

She also managed her first full meal today, Sausage and spaghetti *Dances*

I think that says it all really !! Im SOO Looking forward to a voice mail from the lovely lady herself when she gets her voice thing ever.

(And a photo for you here !)

Rach not using vent

And one more...

Collage of Rachy

*** No news is good news 5 April 2010***

Hey guys. Just to tell you that no news is good news lately. Rach is feeling good and getting on with things needed to strengthen her lungs which is fantastic :-D But no major updates to report yet ! She MAY Get her trach out this week if she is lucky, finnally enabling her to talk (She hasnt managed that bit yet)

She did have one minor mishap today and managed to inhale a drink...But apart from that she is doing well !!

Updates may become less frequent now as she has hit a few HUGE milestones, but of course I'll update you with everything I can until Rach is able to do it herself and take back over !

***Update. 8th April***

Again Not a huge deal to report, she is doing well, and slowly making good progress! She was in the manchester evening news today if you want to try and find that article! And thts about it!



Emily H said...

I'm praying...

All my love, Rachy. Be strong honey.

Molly said...

I really hope the call can go ahead. Thinking of Rachy and of course the donor family too.

Moll x x

Tori said...

Woop woop!! xx

Stephanie said...

We're thinking of you here in Belgium and hoping for all the best.

John Hibbs said...

Hope everything goes well today for you!
Wishing you all the luck in the world!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael

Its Debbie your mums cousin, just to let you know that we are all thinking about you in Stockport.
Good Luck
We will all be waiting on Beryls call later


Amanda said...

I am so glad to hear you got the call. I'm praying everything goes your way today. ((HUGS))

Rhar75 said...

fingers crossed here too.

Louise said...

Praying and have everything crossed for you Rachy, delighted for you. Hope all goes well.

Louise said...

My friend Becky (from AUK) would like me to pass on her love to you as well.

Cough Of Death said...

Love you rachy!!!! (and pete!!)
good luck darling!! <3<3

Jac said...

wow wow wow! Hoping and praying that all goes smoothly xx

MFA Mama said...

Eeek! I've been lurking for a few months, so glad to see she got the call. Hoping all is going well.

Pootle said...

Amazing news!

MyNameIsMellon said...

I'm reading this with tears in my eyes. Wishin you the best, Tulip. I hope it all works out. I'm so proud of you <3 <3 <3 *Big Hug*

rattles said...

Praying honey!!!!

Be strong hon, Well done you!!! Go Rach!!!!

God bless you, and many many thanks to that wonderful family (and their loved one!) that through their loss something so wonderful can happen!!!!

All my love and hugs your way hon.

Kim said...

OMG!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I'm praying that the lungs do what they're supposed to do for you. Just breathe...
MUCH love and gratitude to your donor family!!!!
From the U.S.,
Kim :-)

Adori Graphics said...

Oh wow! I'm made up for you Rach!

*does the happy dance*

I've got the HUGEST smile on my fave right now :)

Louise xxxa

Fiona said...

So thrilled for you. I hope you have an easy recovery. Wishing you all very best.

Kathryn said...

Sending lots of love and hugs to you, your family and your friends at this special time. I hope all goes well.
Lots of love
K x

Butterflygirlms said...

Sending happy thoughts & prayers your way! Louise from Adori Graphics sent me your way so I could give you some extra support & prayers.

Laurie said...

Louise from Adori Graphics sent me over - yippeeeeeeee for you!! What a great way to find your blog - while you are getting your transplant!! Congratulations - I'm sure you have a long road ahead of you - but you can look ahead now!! All right!!
Laurie from Maine, USA

The Thompsons said...

Praying for you sweet girl.

Ashley said...

i found your blog via Louise at Adori Graphics!!
I want you to know i am praying hard for you! I am lifting you as i type. i am so excited for you i just found your blog a few minutes ago!

I'm praying in the United States, in Arkansas!! i hope all goes well!!!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I am praying for wonderful news.

Kathleen said...

I am praying for you SO hard tonight. Stumbled upon your blog/situation but feel that it was for a reason. Know that you are loved and supported by angels' wings!

potionprincess said...

Louise from adori sent me your way-praying for a speedy recovery for you-wishing you all the health and happiness in the world.

Emii said...

Like a couple of other people, I came here viaLouise at Adori Graphics. I will be thinking and praying for Rachel, hoping everything goes well...:)

Gemma said...

Rachel how can you look so pretty just before a major op?!!! Glad to hear you are out of theatre and eveything went ok. So happy for you! Next few days will be tough but just think ahead, your new life starts from here!

KSD said...

Well done Rachy, I'm so glad to hear you are now tucked up in ITU with the transplant operation behind you.

Rest up, and Get Well Soon!

Thinking of you, your family, and of course, your donor family too.

Look forward to hearing about your progress in the days ahead.


Cough Of Death said...

Glad things went well. will be continuing to pray!!
love you darling <3

Adori Graphics said...

So glad the surgery went well....thinking of you and sending lots of get well vibes your way!

Hugs, Louise x

Tigermadstanley said...

Awesome news. Congratulations you deserve it. Of course you probably will need another new blog makeover after your recovery!
{{{Hugs for speedy recovery}}}
Blessings and best wishes
Amanda x

Gem said...

You can do it Rachy! Stay strong and sending a gazillion mendy vibes your way!! Xx

Dr Cath said...

So pleased that it all went ahead and you are safely through the operation. Our thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery.

Cathy & Steve

TRex1009 said...

Wonderful news! Now her new life begins! Rach has just joined a very exclusive club with a near impossible iniation, but once you are a member, you are a member for life. All other clubmembers, recepients, donor families, and the caregivers will be here for Rach forever! What an inspiration! Keep fighting Rachael and we'll keep praying for you! The FaceBook Transplant Experience Community.

Aunty P said...

So glad your call has come. Our thoughts and prayers are with you lots of love
Aunty P and all at the Donor Family Network

Lynne said...

WOw Wow, we are so excited and pleased. All our love Rachy, I cant think of anyone who deserves this second chance more than you sweetie
Much love
Lynne and Kiri - Breathtakers x xx

worthy said...

So glad this has finally happened. Hoping for a speedy and uneventful recovery.

Julie Worthington
(Mum to Sam, 7, with OB)Breathtakers xxx

loulou said...

Its just so wonderful to think that Rachy is starting her new chapter. Bless her heart! I just plonked a pic of me in ICU just like this one on my blog...she is gonna look back like me soon and think how amazing she's done. Of course we know this would not be possible without the benevolence of a donor family. Thank you, thank you, thank you and may others continue to put themselves on the register. Rachael can now start to live her dreams xxx

Angela said...

So glad that Rachael is doing well, I am praying for her family as well as her donor's...having received lungs in 1995, I know that she has a lot to look forward too!!

dimuir said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Rachael, you are an inspiration.
Love Diane & Family, Mossley

Lovin Lane said...

Much love going out to Rachy.... Thank you for giving an update....

jackie said...


jackie said...


Christy said...

Praying so hard Rachy!. I know these next few days/weeks will be tough, but hopefullyl when you are many years out, you won't remember much of it. :) I know you are going to do perfectly with your two brand new lungs. XOXOXO

Cloudedbrains said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you hun xx thankyou to the donor family who gave you this chance xx

Lynne said...

Brilliant to see you this morning in the picture Rachy, every day now one step nearer to your whole new life. Sending lots of hugs
Lynne and Kiri x x

Emily H said...

Sweetie, am so proud and pleased to hear that you are off the vent! Have been waiting to hear those words for a very long time, it seems like. I hope that you are breathing easier than you have for years, I can't imagine what it must feel like, but I can't wait to hear you describe it in your own words.

I'm rambling.... I am just so pleased and excited for you. I know you still have a fight ahead of you, but you've proved time and time again that you are one hell of a fighter, and you can do it, honey, I know you can.

Love you loads, sweetheart

Love Em xxx

Colette Dunford said...

SOOOOO glad to hear the news Rachel...I wish you a speedy recovery and many many happy breaths from now on!
From Mike's Auntie in Hampshire!x
(Mike Adams,USA)

loulou said...

Super super super!!! This is great stuff and I can't wait to hear how you keep progressing!! Truly amazing, keep fighting on hun xxx

Jennifer said...

We are thinking & praying for you in Melbourne, Australia

sarah.kalveram said...
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Christy said...

Still praying! Love to you!!! ♡♡♡

Isidoritarc said...

From Chile we are for you, and i hope that you recover very well, assurance your life will change for better.
Fondness nice Marcela

Lucy said...

Hi Rachael,

Thinking of you. xxxx

p.s. I'm Emily's friend - guess that doesn't narrow it down much tho ;)

Cloudedbrains said...

Postive vibes and prayers are coming from me you way Rachy and alot of people I have told about your story to get them to sicnup are praying for you too xx

mark said...

Hi Rach... i have the same illness and am young too.... i pray for you every day! Good luck... i look forward to seing you one day soon!

loulou said...

Yup much rest needed for you hun...thinking of you, your fam and donor fam! U take care now gorgeous xxx

Gemma said...

Thinking of you Rachel. Take all the time you need to get your body nice and strong xx

Lynne said...

Thinking of you Rachy and checking in all the time to see how you are doing. Rest and get strong, we know you can do it.
Much love Lynne and Kiri x x

Jessica said...

First of all, I just found this blog and wanted to let you all know that you're in my prayers.

I am in a similar situation, but not exactly. My mom who is in her fifties is waiting on her second set of evaluations to see if she can be put on the list for a lung transplant. Only 25% of her lungs are working and she has COPD. My Mom spent 9 days on the ventilator in Nov. 2008 and after that it was determined she needed a transplant.

Although my mom is much older than Rach, I know the feeling of a person with lung trouble from watching my mom experience it. We are all praying my mom will be put on the transplant list (she goes for her second set of evaluations in April).

I am SO happy Rach was able to get her a new set of lungs and I hope everything works out for her and all of you are in my prayers.

Please let her know of my story and how her story has touched my heart. May God bless all of you!! :)

Jo said...

So pleased, this is fantastic news!

Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

YES SHe's awake!!!!! I'm so happy!!!! *doing happy dance* Hang in there, Rach! Things are looking up! *hugs*

poshbrit said...

I am dancing for joy, on the news you smiled today (yesterday, actually) Keep smiling Rachael, you are sooo loved, and I will keep praying. love and huge warm hugs, Judy. (Mikes Mom) :)

sercemalegoodiego said...

I hope that soon you will feel good.
With all my heart that you wish.
Pauline is also the Polish post-transplant lung function.

TRex1009 said...

Hey Rach!

Keep it up girl - I'm so happy for you! Love that wonderful smile, keep it up and you'll be home before you know it! Then a whole new life ahead of you (with ton's of clinic visits of course!)
Rex and Linda

KSD said...
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KSD said...

So pleased to see you smiling once again. :)

Hope you are beginning to feel stronger - but make sure you take all the time your body needs to get over everything.

KSD xx

wayne whiskerd said...

Ok Young lady as you are now up and at em. British Transplant Games in Bath Aug 19th -Aug 22nd. Come along and meet your new community and see what can be achieved by transplanted people. If you want more info e mail me at I am treasurer for the games and a liver transplant recipient. Soooo pleased for you.

Isidoritarc said...

happy to see you well, gives me much joy, keep it!

Cariños Rachy :)

mark said...

not cried for ages but jus seen the pic of you sittin up in bed....brought a tear to my eye.....I hope you're improvement continues! I look forward to future updates!!!!


Adori Graphics said...

WTG on the post transplant meal! Rachy I can't believe you're looking so fabulous after all that - truly amazing. You go girl!

Kim said...

GORGEOUS pink lips!!!!!!!!! :-)

Adori Graphics said...

Wow Rachy you look amazing! Sounds like you're making good progress - I see the slave-drivers already have you doing some exercise....go lungs, indeed!

Holly said...

Can't believe I haven't left a comment before now, but I have been getting updates from your mum ;) I hope she has been telling u I keep mithering her! lol!

I shall be into see you sometime this week (maybe tomorrow if you are up to it) sooooo excited, I will save some of my favourite Hollyisms for you!

Can't wait for our candle lit dinners!

Love u x

lil_pad said...

hey my rachy, love u loads hun, me n dad r so very proud of u, you've been through so much crap in ur life and now finally u got ur transplant, can't wait to do stuff together, i have dreamed of this day, i have watched u day n night for the last 7 dys and wished it could be me in that bed, hated seeing u in pain, but now u r getting better it as put a smile on my face, oh we r gonna do so much together, so so happy, love u loads my sweetness xxxxxxxx

Emmie said...

Rachy you are one amazing girl!!!! I am so so so happy you have those new lungs that you have needed for so long. Now you are going to have so much fun ahead of you LIVING life with them!!! Love you lots xxxxxxxxxx

Bitter_Angel said...

WOW your doing so well!
I know how much the trach sucks, but you will soon have it out and be talking again.
Thinking of you

loulou said...

Darling its such a joy to see that lovely colour in ur face...ur doing fab and may it long continue. Keep smiling and concentrate on getting better for u...time to be a bit selfish for once missy and give urself much love as it is more than deserved. Holla if u need anything at all chick xxx

Emily H said...

Rachy sweetie, it's so so good to see that smile of yours and that you are looking such a good colour! I know it's slow progress and that you are bound to get frustrated at times, but you will get there. You are so strong and determined. I am so proud of you!

Can't wait to see you when you're well enough, and be introduced to your new lungs!

All my love, sweetheart
Em xxx

TRex1009 said...

Rach - you are looking so great, you'll be off the vent soon and getting back to normal. New organs have to be broken in a little, even my new liver took a month or so to get to working right and now i'm coming up on 3 years out! Keep smiling and make the staff wait on you hand and foot!!! We have the Houston Liver Life Walk coming up in Houston in June - you should be ready for a 5K by then ! LOL. Feel Better !!

Our Best!
Rex n Linda

loulou said...

Such great news...every step towards having the life you so much wanted and deserved hun. You keep eating those hearty meals and get stronger. xxx

KSD said...

Dear Rachy,

Am so, so pleased to hear about your progress...being off the vent, and now eating proper meals!

I can't express the degree of joy it gives me that you've been given this new chance for life.

Can't wait for the next update!!


rattles said...

Go rach! What fabulous news - great to hear that your just on a bit of oxygen thro the trach now and no longer needing the vent! What a terrific easter pressie hey?!! Your a superstar hon! Such a true inspiration to so many people! Bet you cant wait till the trach comes out now so that you can talk once again!? Your looking fantastic so much more colour than i have ever seen you with before - ever i think! Hope that your bonding well with those new lungs of yours! You can start planning what you are going to do with that new life of yours now hey!? Im so pleased your doing so well honey. Still praying that things continue to go well for you, i keep logging in un check for updates and it makes me smile each time i read your doing so well and even bigger smiles when i see a picture of you looking so fab! We're all behind you rachy - sending the biggest hugs to ya keep it up chick! (((((huggles))))) Xxxx

Rachel said...

I started following your blog a couple months ago - I was so happy when I checked on you a few days ago and saw that you got your call! Sending prayers and hugs from the States.

-(another) Rachel =)

KSD said...

Great to see your on-going progress... keep it up! :D

take care,


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