Monday, 8 March 2010

A quick note

Just a quick blog. I am reading your messages of support, every single one of them. Thankyou so much. I will hoepfully get round to replying soon.

Rachael Wakefield on BBC North West Tonight from Live Life Then Give Life on Vimeo.

The above BBC interview, not easy but I hope worth it. Have a read about that here I'm again in the local newspaper this week. Will keep you posted.


Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...


Words can't begin to describe how much I wish I could help you, but all I have are prayers.
It saddens me that you are feeling so miserable and tired and awful. I wish I could offer you some comfort. With all my heart I hope they find a donor soon.
With deep respect and admiration, I hope your courage keeps you strong. Hang in there.


Amanda said...

As mom to a little girl with ILD, I just want to tell you that how much I admire and respect you. You are an amazing young woman! I am hoping and praying every single day that you get the new lungs you need!
Amanda (Mom to Emily, 4, with ILD/bronchiolitis obliterans)

Stevieanne said...

Hiya Sweetheat...
I watched your video...I sobbed...I wish I could breathe for you even for just a little while, I know only too well how it is to struggle for each and every breath. I know it is all too easy to say but stay strong..keep fighting..I'm with you every step of the way.
Keeping you always in my heart and prayers.
Lots & lots of love & millions of the softest hugz
Stevieanne xxx

**Ricki** said...

YAEH Rachael!! I follow your tweets and I looked like a nut when I saw yours... I started ballin - tears of joy!!! Finally your wait is over! you deserve your new lungs and life! SO HAPPY! I know I don't know you, we aren't even waiting for the same organs, lol... but I keep an eye out for your posts and follow closely. Go girl!

Annette W. said...

Wow. I just came over from Adori Graphics.

Praying...right now. Glad the transplant went well.

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