Sunday, 28 February 2010

brief update

So long, so much to catch up on but I'll try and keep it as brief (and as painless) as possible.
Las week I got to attend the NHSBT roadshow in Manchester, great day but you can read more about this here. Lots of sign ups, lots of press. On Feb 22nd I celebrated my 22nd birthday. If, a few years ago, someone had said to me I'd be alive at age 22 in 2010 I'd have laughted at them! But I am still here and was able to celebrate and hope to be able to celebrate many more.

We marked the occasion with a 5 day break to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest (thankyou for my bottle of wine and box of Chocolates CP!), just the break I needed! Paying for it now lung wise but it was worth it, no doubt I will get a telling off at clinic on Tuesday but hey ho.Celebrating at Center Parcs

I was recently offered a place at the charity live life then give life as a patient ambassador. I knew Emily when the charity was just an idea that started off so small and she was on the transplant list herself waiting for lungs, to see how far they've come is amazing and I'm honoured to be an ambassador, along with the lovely Tor for them.

As you may have noticed my blog has had a facelift! Yay for Louise at Adori graphics! What a wonderful job.

I've been thinking recently what I'm actually going to do post transplant? Something I've never really thought about before because it's taken me so long to actually get on the list, it's kind of "well what now?!" So I've been having a think and I've decided to start driving lessons, my first lesson is on Wednesday! Eek! Provided I'm actually able to handle a car (apparently driving can make some lung patients breathless?) I'm hoping to do a crash course. Also I've been thinking about education and what I'm interested in, I left highschool with minimal GCSEs having done them in my hospital bed. Graphics exam + IV salbutamol and steroids = Not good! So I'm going to look into open university courses and if they'd be right for me.

That's about it in a nutshell for now, have a look round my blog, there's new videos and media articles up.


Adori Graphics said...

So glad you like the facelift - it definitely ranks among my faves :)

I love Center Parcs - just a shame it's so expensive though. We went to the Lake District one a couple of years ago and we loved every minute. It looks like you had lots of fun while you were there...amd yay for the chocolates and wine! Ooooh....I could just do with some chocolate LOL.

I'm looking forward to reading your updates and seeing what exciting stuff you've been up to as well as finding out how you're doing :)


Louise x

Molly said...

I love your new look blog :D

Well done for continuing to raise awareness of organ donation with the NHSBT roadshow and being a patient ambassador for LLTGL.

Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a lovely celebration at Centre Parcs.

Good luck with driving lessons and with looking into OU courses. Do you know what kind of thing you might like to study further?

Take care,
Moll x x

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