Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I have stayed away from my blog recently. Mainly due to how difficult things have been health wise. I have not wanted to blog about my bad days but I guess thats what its for... The last week or so has been tough. The fatigue and tiredness has been the worst I've ever known it. I have been sleeping so much I have sort of not had chance to sit down to proper meals. This is obviously not a good cycle to get into because I don't really need to lose anymore weight at the moment. The weightloss has led to muscle wastage in my legs which is making that bit or walking I could do even more difficult than it already is. I saw my consultant today he is really trying to push things through with the assessment, he said the physical deterioration recently is concerning. To hear him say that makes me worry even more! He is someone who when they're a bit worried they will kept it hidden and have you believe everything is going well to hear him say "3mths have gone by and we have got nowhere, we can't afford to sit back and watch another 3mths go by..." Is not exactly what I wanted to hear but then again I would rather I was told the truth.

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