Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My week has been sort of messed up... (Nothing new there then). On Thursday one of my best friends came round for a catch up. I love spending time with friends it makes me feel strangely 'normal' for a while. Anyway she came round and we sat having a gossip when the phone rang. It was the psychiatrist saying I had missed an appointment with him earlier that morning, he had cancelled my appointment for next week and sent me one for that day I said "I'm sorry I never received it". He said he had a free slot and asked if he could come upto the house now and see me? A little taken a back I said "err its not a great time butttt okay". Within half an hour there was a consultant psychiatrist sat in my front room... Hmmm. A little unexpected, my poor friend was thrown into the kitchen for 2 hours.
I'm not going to go into detail about the actual session itself, he had spoken to my local transplant doctor about what the 'issues' were and lets just say I got a few 'things' and feelings off my chest and also cleared things up a little. I had been told psychiatric assessment was standard procedure when someone is facing a big operation like transplant but I have to be honest it didn't seem that way. We talked about things completely off the topic, I don't know whether he was trying to build up a picture or digging at things that weren't there to dig at but I made sure I got my point across and really told him what I thought of some of his comments. Needless to say I don't need to see him again and he's given me a clean bill of mental health for transplant!


Lynne said...

Great news Rachy. Lets hope that gets things moving for you soon.
Thinking of you
Lynne x

Cough Of Death said...

i love you rachy. and i miss you. when you feel up to it hop on msn kay?

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