Thursday, 3 November 2011

Gone but never forgotten

This is Rachys mum, my beautiful daughter passed away at 20.45 on wednesday 26th october 2011, she was so brave as she knew time was running out, she had everything planned and worried about everyone else especially me other than herself, she was so brave and a selfless person. I know she helped a lot of you with lung disease and for that we are very proud parents. I just want to say a massive thanks to you all for all your support and kind messages. Also to the lovely Holly Shaw for being there for her and visiting her right upto the end, as i know it was hard for u at times to slowly see her dieing. ( A true friend), she loved the hand massages you used to give her. Also lovely Katie Mason (another true friend) for coming all the way from London to see her bessie i know it was difficult for you but we are very greatful as it made her so happy when she saw you in her last days. Both Holly and Katie dressed her room up to make it homely, she loved it. She was a true fighter and fought to the end, we will dearly miss her, she as left a massive hole in our hearts that will never be filled, she was my best friend and i was her rock as she would often tell me, we were inseparable. Love her so much. R.I.P. My beautiful angel. Xxxxxxxxxx
Her funeral takes place on friday 4th november at 1.15
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