Tuesday, 17 May 2011


After a fairly productive and stable week (have a look at the LLTGL Ambassador's blog I wrote last week by clicking here, my call in my own words) last week of course I couldn't have a straight forward weekend, they just aren't my thing anymore!
On Thursday morning I was woken at 6.30am with stabbing chest pain. I sat bolt upright and tried to work out what was going on. It felt like heartburn but far worse, I quickly reached down and turned off my PEG feed and text mum to come in and help me. I didn't know where to put myself, no position was easing it, I sent mum downstairs for Gaviscon incase it was 'just' heartburn whilst I started taking painkillers, oramorph and co-codamol. I was doubled over in tears by this point and we just didn't know what to do. I was so scared it was something heart related, my grandad has recently passed away from a heart attack, he thought he was having heart burn and left it 12hrs before getting help. After half an hour things had eased a bit, Thursdays are clinic days, my hospital are cardiac experts so I decided I wanted to wait it out until clinic at 9am. I really wasn't very well and don't quite know how I made the journey but I did. As soon as we got to reception we told them I was having chest pain and I was seen by a nurse and doctor straight away. They checked my obs, my heart rate and blood pressure were raised but that's normal for me right now. I also had an ECG which thankfully looked ok. I was told I was going to be admitted though so things could be monitored, I agreed, after how I felt earlier in the morning I was almost relieved! I was sent for a chest xray then sent straight upto the ward. I got onto the bed and just slept, I was so exhausted.
On Friday I was seen on the ward round and had a chat with my consultant, he said he felt it wasn't anything cardiac related despite my blood pressure and heart rate still being abnormally high and what I had experienced was an esophageal spasm from acid reflux from my PEG feed, basically heart burn had caused my esophagus to go into spasm. It's said to be a very painful condition and can be likened to that of a heart attack. He reviewed my reflux treatment, very important as I have a hiatus hernia too and also prescribed Gaviscon for after every meal and pre and post feed. I agreed seen as my blood pressure was still very high and they had been playing around with my cardiac medications to stay and be monitored for the day and go home Saturday. And that's exactly what I did! So I'm home again and looking forward to a slightly more organised week. On the subject of being organised, we saw my GP yesterday to sort through my medication. I'm going to leave you with a pic of what I take on a 'normal' day. Enjoy!

One days worth of medications, this doesn't include my IVs of which I have 7 (!) a day, my continuous Nozinan infusion and any other painkillers or antisickness medications I may need.Breakfast!


lulu said...

I am so sorry to hear about your heart condition and the pain you've been experiencing. Since I've had heart failure I sometimes get really bad pains...the docs looked into poss angina, but thankfully its not that. Taking meds does become just part of our routine but its great what you've done here to share with readers just how many you need. Bless you babe-such a star!! xxxx

RoseGirl said...

Dearest Rachel...continued prayers and many good thoughts coming your way...hope you get to find something bright in each and every day - despite how bad things can get. Glad you are home!!


Amy Stephens
Charlotte, NC USA


Colleen said...

I just wanted you to know that I get bad heartburn from Viagra every once in awhile. It's not as painful as you described, but maybe with everything else you're dealing with, it just made it seem all the more worse. I don't know if that's why you had such pains, though. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case it happens again! Praying for you!

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