Thursday, 26 November 2009

normal conversations...

Tonight I talked to someone on instant messenger, although we've met on a couple of occasions we don't know each other that well and very rarely talk. He is a normal 20something guy going about a normal life, the conversation is pretty self explanatory, to me it was eye opening as to just what 'being normal' is and how important it is to get the message across about organ donation. I'll leave you with conversation we had:

P says: ahhhh cool erm where do you actually fill in the forms for being an organ donor?

Rachy says: I take it that means you aren't on the organ donor register then?
Rachy says:
P says: not yet been thinking of going on to it for a while now but was busy with job hunting
Rachy says: whilst your busy job hunting the hospital are busy trying to find me an organ donor in time to save my life, just think about that one?
P says: opps my bad major guilt trip
Rachy says: I'm sorry it wasn't intended as a guilt trip, organ donation is a personal choice
P says: its ok, no worries I'm not guilt tripped to be honest because I know there's a few people out there who don't even consider signing up
Rachy says: 96% would if they could just get round to it, imagine if they or you were in my position, I'd bet if you needed an organ to save your life you'd accept one but would you take the time to sign up to give one? it seems the answer to that is already obvious doesn't it? *gets off soap box*
P says: Yeh, I see your point now, I'm in the middle of signing up
Rachy says:

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Cough Of Death said...

nice! You're quite talented my dear<3 lolz

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